Client-specific process simulations – individual solutions for efficient adhesive applications

At its in-house Technical Centre, “SM Klebetechnik” now offers the optimal conditions for application-related simulations and tests of innovative special solutions in plant engineering of hotmelt application technology. In the newly designed 500 m² hall, client projects are systematically researched and professionally developed to find the optimal relation between optimal ratio of efficiency, precision and expected unit costs for the relevant process step of the client. This ensures an individually configured adhesive application machine that corresponds exactly to the specified client requirements.

Talk to us! We will develop your machine - for efficient adhesive application.


Special machines for processing adhesives and sealants which are difficult to melt and convey or which are highly viscous, such as butyl or bitumen, are manufactured according to client specifications and achieve maximum performance. Additionally, PUR hotmelts, polyamides, EVAs, PSAs and polyolefinic hotmelts are also optimally processed in the Technical Centre using the appropriate equipment and are available for demonstration.

Continuous optimisation of the application and joining processes, along with close cooperation with material manufacturers, guarantees optimal gluing results with the lowest possible material consumption.

SM-Klebetechnik provides solutions for the processing of all hot glue / hotmelt, adhesives and sealants:

Technical equipment

As well as extensive melting and nozzle systems equipment, the Technical Centre also has equipment for adhesive melters, material feed or winding technology to meet the individual requirements of client demonstrations. In addition, necessary measuring and analysis devices are available for process monitoring and optimisation.

  • Coating conveyor belt for displaying dot, spray, bead, multiline or surface applications (coating width up to 600mm and with individually adjustable speed)
  • Coating system for application widths up to 250mm and up to 3 transactions, suitable for multiple composites / laminates (speed up to 50 m / min)
  • Coating system with 2 coating stations and laminating unit for the operation of continuously adjustable wide-slit nozzles up to an application width of 1600mm and contactless curtain-coat surface nozzles up to a coating width of 1200mm.


The Technical Centre is characterised by its spirit of research and offers testing options for a wide variety of methods, procedures and test purposes. As well as creating and testing individual client machines, the space also houses the company’s own progressive development of the products of tomorrow.

Various adhesive melters devices (drum melters, bag melters, extruders and tank devices) are available for experimental purposes, but also as loan devices. In the Technical Centre, pre-series and small series are tested as per client requirements, and then put into operation for a trial run and demonstrated to clients.

About SM-Klebetechnik

For over 20 years, SM Klebetechnik has made a name for itself internationally in the development and construction of special machines and standard devices for processing adhesives and sealants.

Our machines for hot glue application and coating tasks are primarily and widely used in the automotive, mechanical engineering and graphic industry, adhesive tapes as well as in the furniture, construction, wood and textile industries. In our certified, owner-managed company, over 50 employees work for our clients every day.