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TechDays 2024: A look back at the highlights of our in-house exhibition

“Bonding – Sealing – Excitement”: Our “TechDays 2024”, which we held on Wednesday the 13th and Thursday the 14th of March 2024 in Heinsberg, were a real hit. Over 200 visitors attended the exhibition over the two days to see SM Klebetechnik’s wide range of systems, equipment and machines in use.

Amidst the lively atmosphere of the in-house exhibition, our employees gave visitors demonstrations of the innovative systems and equipment from SM Klebetechnik at different product stations:

Station 1: Robot system with InteriorPro spray head and drum melter
  • Use: Interior application in cars
  • Fibre spray and bead application

  • Thermal separation / 4 heating zones
  • With highly dynamic, volumetric dosing
  • For processing highly viscous and reactive hot-melt adhesives
Station 2: Coating unit with CoEx CurtainCoat nozzle
  • Use: Labelling and converting industry
  • One adhesive film – two properties

  • Low coating weight (from 2 g/m²)

  • Streak-free coating
  • Coating process that is gentle to the adhesive and the substrate
  • Low-wear nozzle lip
Station 3: Conveyor belt system with deflector spray head + 20 L tank unit
  • Spiral spray application

  • Process monitoring via gearwheel flow meter
  • Optimised coating start by means of pressure start control
  • No bypass
  • Pump coating head for highly dynamic application

Station 4: Fibre spray unit with four spray heads + 45 L tank unit
  • Use: Filter, non-woven and textile industry
  • Contactless and permeable adhesive application
  • Scalable up to a coating width of 5 m
  • Low coating weight (from 5 g/m²)
  • Integrated air heater
Station 5: Immersion plate drum melter with filling head
  • Sealless melting plate
  • No ventilation and aeration necessary
  • High degree of automation
  • Low amounts of residue
  • Low maintenance
  • Specially designed for low viscosity adhesives
  • Adhesive at a high temperature when it leaves the melter
Station 6: Screw spindle drum melter (electric drive) with pump dosing head
  • High viscosity sealant (10,000,000 mPa*s)
  • High temperature (220°C)
  • High pressure (200 bar)
  • High output (450 kg/h)
  • Low compressed air requirements
  • Low maintenance (no hydraulics)
Station 7: PUR FlexControl device
  • For the gentle processing of reactive PURs
  • With innovative micro-processor control
  • Intuitive operation
  • Can be used with all standard container sizes
  • Pressure / Speed control of all equipment
  • Automatic dosing function
  • Pressure sensor instead of bypass
  • Remote control via PC and mobile devices
  • Updates via USB
Station 8: Collaborative robot system with FlexControl-tank
  • CoBot meets adhesive technology
  • Quick set-up/teaching
  • Collaborative and safe
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple exchange of signals via the FlexControl interface
Station 9: FlexControl system for knothole bonding
  • Complete, fully automatic wood repair system

  • Pressure-controlled filling of cracks and knotholes
  • Coating head with integrated cooling
  • Short filling times
  • Solvent-free, polyamide-based repair compound
Station 10: Retrofit – general overhaul instead of new purchase
  • Extension of service life
  • Improved performance
  • Preservation of expertise
  • Sustainability: saves resources and protects the environment
  • Cost- and time-efficient solution
Station 11: Tank melting unit with sheet die
  • Use: Construction and waterproofing industry
  • Butyl and bitumen sealant
  • Layer thicknesses of up to 4 mm
  • Coating widths of up to 2 m

  • Continuously adjustable or fixed coating width

Fascinating insight into our research and development department

Attendees that were visiting us in Heinsberg for the first time were impressed by the exhibition space, our 500m2 Research and Development Technical Centre. In our Technical and Development Department, which is equipped with all the latest technology, our engineers test and simulate new special solutions using materials provided by customers and a range of methods that allow us to best meet their individual process requirements.

Networking and exchanging experiences – sharing knowledge, encouraging development

For all of us here at SM Klebetechnik, “TechDays 2024” was more than just an opportunity to present our systems, it was also a forum for communication, progress and development. “The personal exchanges and interesting discussions we saw showed just how closely our success is linked to our customers,” says René Schog, Managing Director of SM Klebetechnik. “We would really like to thank everyone that attended our in-house exhibition and for sharing their experiences and feedback with us. This will help us to come up with new solutions and developments in adhesive technology.”

Feedback from our visitors:

A very professional event. No improvements needed.
TechDays 2024 attendee, Feedback Survey
It was a fantastic event. Great team, great products. I’ll be back.
TechDays 2024 attendee, Feedback Survey
I don’t think that the event can be improved upon at all and I thought that the whole event was a real success.
TechDays 2024 attendee, Feedback Survey
As an adhesive manufacturer / formulator, it was really interesting to be able to see our customers’ / end users’ different applications live. Perhaps next time you could provide more information for those of us that formulate mixtures.
TechDays 2024 attendee, Feedback Survey
A very welcoming atmosphere, I will definitely be back (possibly for SM Coating)
TechDays 2024 attendee, Feedback Survey
The event was really well organised! We had a great day!
TechDays 2024 attendee, Feedback Survey
A massive thank you, it was all really well organised.
TechDays 2024 attendee, Feedback Survey


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Über SM Klebetechnik

Seit mehr als 30 Jahren macht sich SM Klebetechnik international einen Namen in der Entwicklung und dem Bau von Sondermaschinen und Standardgeräten für die Verarbeitung von Kleb- und Dichtstoffen.

Unsere Maschinen zur Heißleimverarbeitung und für Beschichtungsaufgaben werden vorzugsweise in den Bereichen Automotive, Maschinenbau, grafische Industrie, Klebebänder, als auch in der Möbel-, Bau-, Holz- und Textilindustrie erfolgreich eingesetzt. Ebenso sind unsere Aggregate in Produktionsanlagen bei Kleb- und Dichtstoffproduzenten und Compoundierern integriert. In unserem zertifizierten, inhabergeführten Unternehmen engagieren sich täglich über 70 Mitarbeiter für die Belange unserer Kunden.