Special equipment technology for bitumen processing

The processing of elasto-viscous bitumen materials places high demands on machine and system technology. As a leading international manufacturer of hotmelt adhesive applicators and innovative special equipment producer, we have many years of experience and the necessary “know-how” in the processing and coating of foils and similar material carriers with bitumen materials.

Device and equipment design and construction for bitumen coating systems

For the professional production of single or double-sided bitumen sheets, polymer- bitumen sheets, bitumen sealing-tapes, screed tracks and a wide variety of different types of roofing membranes, we offer:

Bitumen processing in building industry

Bitumen-products have proven to be excellent for sealing and sound deadening in areas of the roofing and building construction industry, especially for flat roofs, as well as in road constructions. Bitumen materials (also called earth pitch) are impermeable to water and require sensitive treatment during processing to maintain their special properties.

For manufacturers of bitumen products such as bitumized film webs or sealing tapes, the demanding task is, on one hand, to keep the thermoplastic bitumen processable at high temperature, and on the other hand, to ensure a precise and even surface coating of the carrier material in use. The special coating systems from „SM Coating GmbH“ enable a high reproducibility for bitumen application and meet the desired requirements.

„Upgrade“ to bitumen processing with SM Coating

Manufacturers operating in markets of film- or textile-coatings can choose cost-efficient changes and product optimizations by using bitumen processing as an opportunity to diversify their products in the competitive environment. Existing coating systems can often be upgraded, converted or retrofitted for bitumen processing.

Our experienced engineers from SM Klebetechnik and SM Coating support you from project planning to the conversion of your existing system for bitumen processing as well as the development of a complete new customized system. In our over 400 m² size technical centre we develop innovative solutions and carry out meaningful individual test series as a simulation of the later production process for you.

bitumen processing

Experience and competence in bitumen processing

Retrofitting or upgrading of existing system technology!

We would be pleased to advise you individually. With the operator’s eye in terms of
technology and efficiency, we plan a possible adaption of your existing coating system that meets the latest requirements for bitumen processing.

Replacement of a complete old production system for bitumen processing!

We offer a comprehensive package, from product development and planning to design engineering and individual production in our factory, including plc-software, documentation and integration of interfaces through to final assembly at your location by our specially trained engineers.

Exchange and renewing of single components in an already existing bitumen-processing production!

We design the required modules and sub-assemblies according to your requirements, taking into account all necessary junctions and interfaces. With prepared “retrofit kits” we quickly convert your system on site up to the current state of the art.

Added value through German quality and fast service!

After your new system has been installed, we will take care of technical support and maintenance. We offer individual service contracts and our technical team will be quickly available on site for best support in accident cases.

State-of-the-art hotmelt coating systems for bitumen processing

Juli 15th, 2020

Bitumen processing is a challenge. SM Klebetechnik has transferred the benefits of the hotmelt coating to the processing of bitumen compounds. Result: The specially adapted wide slit nozzle technology leads to more efficiency and cost savings for customers. […]

Competence in bitumen processing - We are ready for you!

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