High-quality and efficient adhesive systems

for demanding tasks from the SM Klebetechnik technical centre

The competitiveness of a product is determined by internal manufacturing costs. Our support for the optimisation of adhesion processes in terms of quality and efficiency strengthens our customers’ market position sustainably. We offer you adhesive technology that is individually tailored to your needs: high quality, easy to maintain, space-saving and energy- and cost-efficient in daily operations.

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Technical centre

At our state-of-the-art R&D technical centre, we develop innovative solutions for you day for day to meet and optimise individual process requirements and also to test different methods and processes together with your own materials and adhesives:

  • Processing of high-viscosity adhesives and sealants such as butyl and bitumen for requirements in the automotive and construction industries.

  • Economical continuous or intermittent bead, spray or surface application of hotmelts in complex production processes for gluing textiles, nonwovens, foils, retainers, paper and cardboard in the automotive, furniture, packaging and graphics industries.

  • Contactless curtain coating with adhesive grammages from 2g/m².

We will find YOUR solution!

There is no standard product available for your adhesive process requirements or you would like to test your own new development to ensure your future competitiveness? No problem! With our employees’ technical skills and persistent development spirit we will find the right solution in close cooperation with you. 

At our SM Klebetechnik research and development department, we research, engineer and develop the best possible solution, applying expert knowledge, creativity and passion – often together with you, using your own materials and with the involvement of leading adhesive manufacturers. Products are constantly being improved and new high-performance systems for precise adhesive application results developed.

SM Klebetechnik Roboter

Save time and money measurable quality!

Two-fold benefits: With the carefully dosed application of adhesives in combination with precise monitoring using infrared cameras, measuring cells and sensors, you achieve optimum results with minimum consumption and thus reduce your unit costs while enhancing the efficiency and quality of your production at the same time.

Our in-house technical centre is characterised by the spirit of research.

Here we offer you options for testing a wide variety of methods, procedures and applications.

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