Timo Heinen – Winner „German Design Award“ 2019 and 2020

And the Winner is…

After 2019, Timo Heinen is 2020 the second time winner of the “German Design Award” in the industrial category “Excellent Product Design” with his new mechanical design for a hotmelt glue and sealant processing machinery on behalf of SM Klebetechnik from Heinsberg – Germany.

The company “SM Klebetechnik” with its associated subsidiaries “SM Coating” and “SM Packaging” has developed an excellent reputation in the past few years as a manufacturer of customized melting and coating systems, with innovative and new procedural approaches what are put into practice. Here customer benefit and machine efficiency are always the main focus.

The machine concept of a hot melt coating system was created for the first time last year in cooperation with Mr. Timo Heinen from Hanover as a new design and the remarkable result was registered for participation in the “German Design Award 2019” competition. The path from special machine construction (one-off customized production) to modular system series production was followed by the re-design of an entire product family of adhesive and coating system products from SM Coating GmbH. The re-design resulted in a newly designed system with a high recognition value that can be manufactured in a pre-dominantly modular series process and yet enables flexible adaption benefits. The usability and operator safety have also been significantly improved.

Motivated by this success, the prospective follow-up project of a melting and dispensing unit for processing adhesives and sealants out of 200L drum containers was put into the competition of the “German Design Awards 2020”, (category: machine design). This new system design by Timo Heinen got good due response and was described below:

“The re-design of the drum melting system is characterized by precisely covered danger spots. With emphasis on usability, cleaning and maintenance options, an expressive design was developed that promotes recognition. In terms of sustainability, emphasis was placed on to achieve the functional and safety-related further developments as well as the aesthetic improvements with lowest additional material as possible.”

Timo Heinen – Gewinner des „German Design Awards“

Timo Heinen – Winner „German Design Award“ 2019 and 2020

Hotmelt-Beschichtungsanlage – SM Coating – Winner 2019

Hotmelt-Coating/Laminating Machine – SM Coating GmbH – Winner 2019

The jury honored the new design layout with the “German Design Award 2020” and argued:
“The design is characterized by clear lines and clean surfaces in connection with striking details, which creates a modern look with high recognition. Particular attention was paid to the precise containment of danger spots, which ensures more operator safety when operating the machine.”

This means that the new GX7882 drum melting system from SM Klebetechnik is the second
product to receive the prestigious award. This is both, confirmation and incentive for everyone involved, to consistently continue on the route they have chosen.

The machine design got soon ready for series production and the first new drum melter of its
kind is now available to our customers and solution partners in the technical centre of SM Klebetechnik Vertriebs GmbH in Heinsberg / Germany for customer demonstrations and application trials. In addition to the standard version with pneumatic lifting cylinders for moving the high-performance melting plate, variants with hydraulic cylinders and motorized synchronous spindle feeds were also developed. The material pumps that can be used, can also be configured within a wide range depending on the size and functional principle.

The “SM Klebetechnik Vertriebs GmbH” congratulates Mr. Timo Heinen for another award in the competition of the “German Design Award” in 2020 and looks forward to further constructive cooperation for the benefit of our customers.

Fassschmelzer GX7882 - SM Klebetechnik - Winner German Design Award 2020

Drummelter GX7882 – SM Klebetechnik – Winner German Design Award 2020

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About SM-Klebetechnik:

For more than 30 years, SM Klebetechnik has made a name for itself internationally in the development and construction of special machines and standard devices for processing adhesives and sealants.

Our machines for hotmelt adhesive applications and coating tasks are primarily and widely used in the automotive, mechanical engineering and graphic industry, adhesive tapes, as well as in the furniture, construction, product assembly, wood and textile industries. Our units are also integrated in production systems at adhesive and sealant producers and compounders. In our certified, owner-managed company, over 60 employees are committed to the needs of our clients every day.