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What we offer you

  • Hotmelt coating systems

    A specialist in the development and construction of complex hotmelt coating systems, SM Coating GmbH, is a member of the SM Klebetechnik Group, offering everything from a single source – from the development of new ideas, design and software development to final assembly – assembled with maximum precision at our factory in Germany.

  • Components for hotmelt coating systems

    No matter whether it’s modernisation, retrofitting, replacements for individual components or the expansion of an existing hotmelt coating system, SM Klebetechnik provides you with exactly what you need,, such as application heads for surface, spray or bead application, particularly wide-slot nozzles for the uniform and efficient application of adhesives, or drum melters in different sizes.

The application header: the core of every hotmelt coating system

As experts in coatings of all kinds, e.g. films, textiles, nonwovens and paper, we are familiar with the specific challenges posed by the various materials. Accordingly, our experienced engineers have developed high-performance application heads for hotmelt coating systems that address individual coating requirements and the unique properties of hotmelts such as butyl and bitumen.

Your benefits

  • Precise, accurately dosed surface, spray or bead application
  • Contactless hotmelt application possible

  • Optimum bonding

  • Reduced costs thanks to optimised adhesive requirements

  • Consistent quality assurance via process monitoring


New materials, new processes, new challenges. We are developing the future of adhesive technology. Innovative. Flexible. Efficient.

SM Klebetechnik and SM Coating – hotmelt coating systems from a single source

We will assemble the right package for you:

Your benefits

  • Close cooperation during the development, planning, installation and start-up phases

  • Hotmelt coating systems with a roller width of up to 3 metres

  • Reduced costs thanks to short development times

  • Inclusion of external interfaces and proprietary software development

  • Swift amortisation thanks to efficient and economical systems that save energy and space

  • High flexibility and direct communications due to short distances

  • Our own worldwide service

Test series for efficient hotmelt coating systems

With a floor area of 400 square metres, our technical centre is not only available to our highly committed development team. In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity of testing their own product developments there. Preliminary testing as well as material and process tests with a coating width of up to 1.4 m are possible. With our dynamic team of experts, we will be happy to support you with testing during your product development activities.

If you’re seeking advice or have any questions concerning the development, construction and maintenance of hotmelt coating systems, reach out to us. We’ll be happy to help.

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