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SM Klebetechnik offers individual components and end-to-end coating lines for the production of butyl adhesive tapes. These can be adapted flexibly for the production of coated sealing tapes and used efficiently in terms of consumption and application.

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Use of butyl adhesive tapes

The coated sealing tapes can be used in many ways. Butyl tapes are used primarily in construction, e.g. to seal joints and edges, for overlap sealing or for fastening assembly parts in such a way that they are protected from corrosion and moisture. Butyl tapes have very good adhesive properties and are compatible with different materials (e.g. metal, concrete, wood, glass, nonwovens) and can therefore be used in a wide range of different industries:

  • Automotive industry

  • Shipbuilding and road construction

  • Construction (e.g. structural and civil engineering, staircase construction, glazing)

  • Refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning (e.g. filter bonding)

  • Metal industry

  • Electrical industry

Variable requirements with respect to the finished butyl tape depending on the use and application of butyl

Depending on the application and use of butyl tapes, the requirements with respect to production and characteristics vary greatly. Accordingly, the properties of the tape material can range from tough and hard to very soft and yielding – or from highly adhesive to non-adhesive. Despite their flexibly adaptable properties, butyl tapes share many common features. Special mention should be made of the fact that the tapes are volume-resistant, solvent-free, virtually odorless and therefore also physiologically harmless and environmentally friendly.

As well as this, they are highly resistant to weathering, ozone or UV effects and therefore offer protracted durability. Butyl tapes are also very resistant to root pressure or impacts and vibration. Thanks to their extremely low water absorption and excellent sealing properties against water vapour, the tapes are also ideal for use as corrosion- and moisture-protective sealing. These sealing tapes have therefore become indispensable for many industries.

Flexibly scalable application systems for butyl processing

With our modular wide-slot nozzle technology and numerous lamination options, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of production alternatives. This permits the production of ready-to-use butyl tapes in standard and non-standard sizes. The coating width is variable and can therefore be handled with high edge-to-edge precision. Depending on requirements, layer thickness can also be adjusted precisely between 0.6 and 2.0 mm.

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The temperature and quantity can be easily adjusted to meet the production requirements for the specific application of butyl. The application temperature and quantity can also be adjusted inline. Butyl tapes can be produced with adhesive on one or both sides. High flow rates and high melting performance are also possible. Different types of materials, such as aluminum, nonwovens or polyethylene film, can be used for the lamination process.

However, our production is not only flexible, but also low-maintenance and efficient in terms of consumption. Our experienced engineers will be pleased to assist you with a new installation or the conversion of your existing production systems for butyl tapes.

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SM adhesive technology for the production of environmentally friendly butyl tapes

The production of butyl adhesive tapes calls for high flexibility.

Depending on the application and use of butyl tapes, the requirements with respect to production and the characteristics of the tapes vary greatly. SM Klebetechnik therefore offers individual components and end-to-end coating systems that can be adapted flexibly and used efficiently. Production also requires little maintenance, while the finished butyl tapes are solvent-free and odourless, making them environmentally friendly in both production and use.

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