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As a manufacturer of high-quality standard and special machinery for adhesive and sealant application, we offer automotive OEMs and components supplier end-to-end solutions for automotive battery sealing and battery pack bonding, because alternative drive trains such as electric or hybrid technology are becoming increasingly important against the backdrop of the energy transition and the EU’s climate plan. According to German motorist association ADAC, there are currently more than 1 million e-vehicles on German roads – and this number is rising all the time. At the core of these types of vehicles is the battery, which must be protected and sealed reliably.

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No matter whether it’s for engine, battery or body parts, SM Klebetechnik GmbH’s innovative adhesive and application systems are used successfully in various parts of the automotive industry. When it comes to automotive battery sealing and bonding for electric or hybrid vehicles, the safety and reliability of the sealing are of paramount importance. Adhesives and sealants must be applied with precision, reproducibility and regularity to protect batteries from moisture and vibration – a critical aspect in increasing battery life.

The experts at SM Klebetechnik already offer you a number of system solutions for the production of battery modules and battery packs. Regardless of whether for cell-to-cell or cell-to-pack, for thermal management or for the final sealing of the housing including fireproof coating, our systems meet your special requirements.

Advantages of our adhesive and application systems for automotive battery sealing and bonding

  • Durable, fast and effective bonding

  • Adhesive application systems fitted with modern electronic control systems

  • Constant, automatic dosage of materials with different viscosities

  • Precise application of adhesives, sealants and fillers

  • Application heads for all application types (area, spray, bead or dot application)

  • Tailor-made solutions for your profile of adhesion requirements

SM Automobil
SM Automobil
SM Automobil

The experts at the SM Klebetechnik Group are known for their ground-breaking technologies and broad experience in innovative sealing and bonding systems in the automotive industry.

What we offer you

  • Adhesive and sealant application systems for automotive battery sealing and bonding
    A specialist in the development and construction of hotmelt, dispensing and application systems for automotive battery sealing and battery pack bonding, the SM Klebetechnik Group offers you everything from planning to on-site final assembly.
  • Components for your application systems
    No matter whether it’s for maintenance or for retrofitting, SM Klebetechnik supplies the right components for your existing application system, e.g. drum melting systems and application systems with application heads for all application types (area, spray, bead and dot application). Likewise, our technology experts manufacture custom-fit integration solutions for your existing systems.

SM Klebetechnik – adhesive and sealant application systems for the automotive industry

  • Product development, planning, design and testing by experienced automotive and adhesives experts

  • Individual production of your systems at our factory in Heinsberg
  • Expertise in the processing of hot glue, butyl and other reactive adhesives
  • Integration of efficient standard devices within your existing plants
  • Development of individual special systems in accordance with your requirements
  • Individual software development and programming, integration within your IT systems
  • Final assembly at your plant by our expert service technicians
  • Maintenance and servicing by our own technicians in Europe and worldwide
  • Friendly and competent service

If you have any questions or would you like advice on our automotive battery sealing and battery pack bonding services, feel free to contact us – we will be happy to help you!

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